How to get our ourselves
and our planet into shape.

Shocking... a highly readable account of what needs to be happen in order for us to both save the planet and fit into those old jeans again ... Dimbleby promises to show us how the crisis can be averted. [Ravenous] delivers on that promise
The Guardian
Gripping...the scope of [Ravenous] is huge - climate change, the health crisis our diet has created, environmental damage wrought by intensive agriculture, damage done to the land, to rivers and to biodiversity ... accessible, fascinating, grim but not entirely without hope”
India Knight
The Times
"A brilliant readable guide on how to reverse our food, obesity and climate crisis - a must-read"
Tim Spector
"Ravenous is a revelation: a fast-paced, entertaining and often jaw-dropping guide to the modern food system, why it is putting us all in danger, and how we can escape its clutches"
Andi Oliver
Chef and Broadcaste
"A brilliant, rigorous, masterful work, that opens our minds to some of the most important of all issues"
George Monbiot
Author of Regenesis
"Fascinating . . .comprehensive and concise . . . a clear, reasoned and meticulously footnoted argument for a coherent food policy"
The Financial Times
"A call not only for a healthier food system, but for a more sustainable one"
The Times
"[Ravenous] sets out how we can escape from the system we're trapped within which means that currently 60 per cent of adults in the UK are obese, with the number estimated to rise to 80 per cent by 2060."
The i
"A critical investigation into the global food industry"
Farmer's Guardian
"Henry Dimbleby's latest book must be one of the most exhaustively researched works of all time - certainly when it comes to the food industry."
The Grocer
"The complex truth behind the global food system"
Living North
"Emerging from Dimbleby's work on food supply chains during the pandemic, Ravenous explores the structures of the global food system and how environmental, health and nutritional concerns can harmoniously coexist"
'The Books to Read in 2023'
Financial Times
"The author of the National Food Strategy and founder of Leon reveals the eye-opening truth about how our food systems shape the modern diet and the planet - and, crucially, what we can do about it"
'The Best New Books in March'
The i